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As a person of few words my contributions to the networking world are somewhat limited.


First of all Facebook - a non-starter, not interested and I just don't get it. I might relent one day but for now you won’t find me on there.


Now Twitter is a different kettle of fish. I joined and I'm enjoying the experience. Perhaps it's the 140 character limit or that it's legitimate stalking I don’t know. As to be expected I'm not a prolific tweeter but I do spend hours staring at my timeline. It's good that ice hockey has embraced twitter as a tool to engage with fans and there're growing connections with BriSCA drivers and fans. Interesting is the number of times I see references to oval racing and ice hockey on the same profiles. Perhaps that is not surprising but I wonder if some enterprising promoter or marketing executive will cross promote the sports to mutual benefit. Anyway, the user name is @stoxGOLD and my contribution to oval racing is I'm compiling a list of BriSCA tweeters at oval racing UK style.


I have also somehow signed up for a Google+ account. I'm still figuring that one out and haven't really said anything on there.


With forums the main one for BriSCA F1 that I follow is Stoxnet. This rekindled my interest in BriSCA and I would join in on various topics. Then for some reason - not unique to Stoxnet - it became confrontational at time with some comments about promoters in particular bordering on libellous. I still look in to see what's going on but decline debating any current topics through lack of interest in the sports politics or technical knowledge.


As a season ticket holder for Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey I also have an affinity towards the Fire & Ice Forum. Again contributions are infrequent due to a lack of knowledge of the intricacies of the sport and that it can become a sounding board to abuse the club and its players. Nevertheless still an on-line network that helps with undersatanding and enjoyment of the game.


Web rings may have had their day but I still continue membership for stockcarGOLD in;

Best Car Racing Sites

Motorsports WebRing

British Anything Webring

World's Greatest Racing


Then completely off topic I also run:

UK Arts and Crafts; this came about after setting up a website for my wife - - and visiting various craft sites,

Interactive Fiction; because I had set up another site which included an interactive story.


Also I was a blogger at one time. This became mill stone as to keep an audience you need to have fresh content and as I don't attend many meeting it was difficult to comment on current happenings. This is another reason why Twitter fits the bill for me. I say something when I have something to say not because I feel I have to put pen to paper or hit the keyboard.




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