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Welcome to stockcarGOLD

This is a further incarnation of my collection of photographs from the world of BriSCA formula one stockcar racing.  Originally on my personal website - - I am moving the gallery onto its own site with a more recognisable name.  StockcarGOLD is not a reference to the pictures being top quality. It is more to do with the time period they cover.  I was fortunate enough to be a regular at Aycliffe when it ran as a pirate track on Saturday nights through to its closure.  As Aycliffe moved into BriSCA so did I from 1967 and most of my pictures cover the 70s & 80s.  It is this period I consider to be StockcarGOLD with the likes of Stu Smith, Doug Cronshaw, Jim Esau, Len Wolfenden, Mike Close, Frankie Wainman and John Lund...  The list is endless.


That is not to say the current era and today's talented drivers make for any less of a spectacle.  It's just I travel far less now and with current Health & Safety regulations caging in the cars, I do not have as many opportunities to snap away to get acceptable shots.  I am not brave enough to ask for permission to stand in the centre let alone actually stand there.  I will leave that for the professionals.


Whereas the past intentions were to include other features on the site, over time other websites dedicated to the sport have developed the aspirations and handle them far better than I ever could. So although the focus here will continue with BriSCA Formula 1 Stockcars I am expanding the galleries to include other interests that I have. These will in the main be about motorsport but I might indulge myself and share pictures that don't have engines in them.


For now to access the albums please choose an option form the menu bar to the left. And please feel free to comment on any of the photographs or if one stirs a memory for you please share it with the rest of us.



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