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What's BriSCA Formula 1 all about?

I think it is fair to say that because there are many different forms of stockcar racing in the UK there is widespread confusion over this minority sport. It is so easy to bundle all short circuit racing under the heading of banger racing. And there begins the first and biggest challenge to be accepted under the banner of being a motorsport and form of sport and entertainment for the public at large.

The simple principle is too many cars on too small a track. Then you mix it up as the drivers are graded according to ability measured by points scored during the season then put the better, faster drivers at the back and allow, even encourage, contact. With that you have a feast of family entertainment.

The orignal cars from the beginnings in 1954 were very much stock bodied giving the sport it's stock car name. As the sport developed the cars have morphed into custom built armoured vehicles powered by 7+ litre engines - all mostly exclusive Chevrolets. This makes them the Kings of the oval raceways.Also I believe as far as engine size is concerned they are the largest regularly to be seen in action in the UK.

This site tracks the improvements with cameras,from the early monochrome to 35mm then zoom lenses through to today's compact but nevertheless efficient compact digital cameras. You can also witness a similar evolution of BriSCA Formula 1 from the sit up and beg self built motors from the sixties through to the low centre of gravity aerofoiled custom-built creations of today.



Dave Edmunds :: Slipping Away

A gem of a video with a back drop of some classic racing at Brafield and Brandon.


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